*His word says: God will come from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran. Selah His glory covered the heavens, And the earth was filled with his praise. 4 And the brightness was like the light; Bright rays came out of his hand, And there was hidden his power.
(Habakkuk 3: 3–4)*


The glory of God is so that we can all reach it, it gives us love, peace, blessings, we can find everything in his glory in his presence and there is nothing better than to dwell in it as children of the great I AM.

In this world there will always be bad things and difficult moments we are not aware of that, but when we are children of God and live in his glory I assure you that none of that will be great or serious because God is there taking control of all things and always With the best solution.
Through his glory we can perform miracles of healing, financial miracles, all miracles we need will be possible when we fully trust God and live in his glory. Living in the power of God is something supernatural.


And everyone who wants to reach his glory will be welcome. God wants everyone to reach his feet. It is the most beautiful thing when we accept the Lord and begin to experience his miracles. His power to live from glory to glory will always be of blessing and peace.

The glory of God is a great light that radiates the whole place and you can feel the magnificent power of God, it is a moment of praise, adoration, how great and beautiful it is to be in his glory.


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When we seek God from the heart and honor him we access his glory, praising God opens the heavens.

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