How to Develop the Power of the Mind (Consejor Basics Part1

In every human being there is one of the most powerful tools and it is the power of the mind, it all depends on how we use it we can achieve a more or less full life. It may be that we have a more catastrophic concept of life, or that we see life from a much more positive and optimistic point of view. And they all depend on how we use our mind.
For this reason it is very important for the human being to know how to develop the mind's power; in order to have control of ourselves. With this mental power, we can know how to control our feelings and enjoy the life we ​​have always wanted to have. In psychology we will see how to help you know how to develop the power of the mind with some basic points.


1 The Organization: the organization is important for the development of the power of the mind, since with it we can avoid chaos and disorder. It is necessary that our life be organized because it helps us to have a concrete and not dispersed mind. Also, it is advisable to order your day to day, to create plans or it is good to leave things at random or improvised. It is good for the mind to have certain areas of life more organized.
A good way to organize your day to day, is through lists for example; a list of tasks both (obligations and passions) in order to have an optimal balance for you. It is necessary that you leave a free space for yourself, in doing things that you like or make you happy; Do not focus only on obligations as you could end up frustrated or disgusted with your life.


2 Positive Attitude: Positive attitude is the key to a strong mind. We know that when we are sad or depressed, is it true that it makes us strong to make decisions? We do not find a facility for thinking and we do not know what to do, so we often pause or make the worst decision and live badly. We should know that negative emotions greatly affect our day to day, so it does not allow us to experience the good possibilities we may have.
For this reason if you want to expand your mental power, it is important that you begin to see your day to day with optimism and reduce this negative connotation in your life and turn the coin around, through exercises and healthy habits that will help you.

It is also important that you interact with people who are usually optimistic and prosperous to help you see life from a positive angle and have more of you to you with these people, and avoid toxic people. So you can have a life much more open to knowledge.


3 Exercise your Mind: once you have your mind fully organized, relaxed and positive, you are prepared to exercise your mind with exercises that will help you build your capacity. You have to know that the mind is a muscle that if you put it to work it will become stronger and in better shape.
I will show you how you can put your mind to work to be more skilled and help you be smarter.

* Le 20 min a day: reading will help to exercise a wide variety of mental abilities, as well as memory, imagination, interpretation among many more.

* You have mental games every week: this is a form of hobbies that at the same time you exercise your mind and have fun for example games like: word search, crossword puzzles, sudokus etc.

* Calculate mentally: try every time you have to calculate any mathematical exercise use your mind before taking out the calculator, so you exercise your mind and it will be more developed for any calculation.

* Discuss and defend your point of view: it is important to develop the power of the mind what you try to discuss and expose your point of view what you think, believe and feel that will help you open your mind and achieve greater breadth.


4 I give you 3 tips to enhance the power of the mind: to finalize these basic and important points that will help us develop and enhance the power of the mind, we must enjoy a healthy life if we take care of our body we will be taking care of our mind, because the human being is an inseparable whole, for that reason it reduces the harmful practices that are not of well-being to our health as well as (alcoholism, drugs, sedentary life, etc.) it is very important to take this into account.

* good nutrition
* exercise your body
* Sleep wel




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