The Future of Travel is Out of This World

//Another Type of Tourism//

Tourism is something many of us have enjoyed over the years. Exploring different places, cultures and of course great food. Hopping on to a plane, train or even driving a few hours away are all forms of travel that people use to reach their destination for a good time. It’s somewhat surreal to think about how space travel is now being offered to the budding tourist who wants something a little out of this world. Space Adventures/SpaceX are offering a chance for people to take trip out to space. The very thought of being able to see the world from such heights blows my minds and I had always thought this privilege to be reserved for the diligent astronauts that spend years in training.

//The Future is Always Coming//

While this offering doesn’t detract from the prestige of astronauts, it is representative of the advancement in Science and Technology. It’s very much something of dreams to be blasting off in a rocket on a cruise of an extraordinary route. The Dragon mission is an exciting development that may pave the way for future travels. Such an opportunity will remain a dream for me as the price for a return trip may just be out of budget. Space travel for the majority will most likely be an experience that a miniscule of the population will be able to experience for years to come but what about the future?

//Transport Innovation//

With technology bringing us to places we’ve never been before, space travel tourism may not be accessible to everyone but perhaps the next evolution of tourism is on the horizon. Focusing on destinations a little closer to home, we have many forms of transport and companies like The Boring Company are pushing the limits of science in transport. While they are building better underground networks, I wonder how long it will be before we’re zipping across or under waters to our favourite holiday destinations.

//Is Aviation Next?//

Innovation is fast coming, I am often sad to think about new aeroplanes being plagued with faults and multiple people losing their lives. With technology, I hope to see human error and disaster mitigation improve tremendously. Transformation of the aviation industry are much needed and of course it won’t be long before Elon Musk gets involved with this line of transport.


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