A difficulty and a request from the heart to this great community

This community knows, much of my history and what I do is in each of my 200 previous posts, those who see this post and still do not know who I am, my name is Rafael N. Encinosa, I am 22 years old, I am cellist musician since I am right, fond of photography and singing, this post has a story back like everyone I have done, but this one has something more personal, as you know or some will find out, I am Venezonalo and I have been doing it for more than one month, in my residence here in CO, among many thoughts I had to decide in my future in a more difficult way than I thought, I migrated to prove myself and so far I could and can, but after deciding to stay or return , which was to return to finish my career as a cellist and instructor, I received a news that encouraged my decision, that in addition to my university and others even closer to my home state could give me quick access, as you know I studied three semesters before the agreement with my university fell into my state and it will not work anymore, I got discouraged and some depression I could not even think of anything else but to abandon everything (not only because of my career but also because of difficult family situations and still stronger the crisis in Venezuela).

Everything has changed, more than 2 years have passed and many things have been facilitated for advanced musicians as is my case, and so it was that I already made my decision, to return to my country, knowing everything that could happen, so it costs me more than normal, so in the process I don't even have a seat to eat or dress but I know that all this process and "pain" will be well rewarded.

Why do I write this, because as you know my instrument, my cello that was part of an institutional loan for more than 8 years that was with me was removed for institutional reasons, so in view of my situation I have tried to sell almost all my personal things even though I know I could run out of much but I know it will be worth it, I am selling my camera, my Sony a3000 from which I have taken everything you have seen from photographs here and some videos, my laptop and my drawer, items that have not yet been sold but are also things that I do not want to sell but will serve to gather.

My instrument, the cello can have an estimated price between $ 400 and $ 2000, everything will depend on its quality, I have been following many for my search to be able to acquire one and they oscillate between that and even lower within offer, I know that Anyone can serve and have an amateur one would not bother me because to study everything is useful.

To all Steemit community from my heart I thank you for all the support that I have had since I published on Steemit Open Mic my first video as a Cellist and from there your great support, that is why I also come to you from my heart asking support to be able to accomplish this, to acquire a cello again.

Thank you really thank you very much to the entire steemit community, I will soon return to Venezuela, between 10 and 15 of this December and I will document everything from here.

I know that with you and my efforts I will be able to have my instrument back and in a much bigger way.

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03.12.2019 17:36

My dad and brother both play the cello. It's a wonderful instrument!

Gave you an upvote, hope it helps.

03.12.2019 17:38

Thanks friend, every vote helps so thank you!

03.12.2019 17:40

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04.12.2019 19:08

Best of luck with finding a cello... I know it must be difficult to be temporarily voiceless. I have asked others to help out, and will resteem to try and get you some more views.

04.12.2019 19:20

really thank you very much, thank you for your support, and for following what I do, thank you !!

05.12.2019 03:18

My pleasure!

08.12.2019 12:20

I hope my tiny upvote helps a bit.

04.12.2019 21:34

Thank you very much, and of course it helps, every vote helps, thanks!

05.12.2019 03:20

I hope you find a new cello soon.

05.12.2019 07:43

I'm in that friend, thanks for the help!

05.12.2019 19:01