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Earlier this morning, I woke up with a notification. Someone tagged me in a post. I'm on the front cover of a local newspaper!


Sun Star Davao newspaper. November 24, 2019 issue. With my work 'Repressed Memories' on the front cover.

Months ago, during the opening reception of 'Lupa' Group Exhibit, a journalist (which is a friend on social media but I've never met in person before) went and attended the said opening. He said he has been interested in my works because it is different from other artists that he had seen since 98% of my works are self-portraits.

He asked about my works and asked if he could feature me in their newspaper. Well of course, there was no reason for me to decline so we scheduled an interview. :)


The second page. Me with my work 'From Weakness To Strength'.

We had the interview at the gallery of the said exhibit since most of my works were there and he needed to take photos of them. He took pictures of me with my works.


The interview was about my works and why I choose to paint myself instead of having other models as my subject (like what most of the artists do). There is a bit of a story there as well.


“But despite of having a gloomy environment, there is this colorful doodle, which traces back to the colorful me, which is my childhood. There is still this eagerness to go back and make things right,” she added while gazing at her work hang in the walls.


There are some typos like "canvass" which should be "canvas" and my name is misspelled, which always happens. xD

If you are interested to read the whole article, you can visit this site.


The digital version of the front cover. Photo courtesy of Sun Star Davao.

Sun Star Davao is a newspaper that publishes in the city and in nearby places. Although I have been in the newspapers before, this is my first solo-feature. And I never expected to be on the front cover right away.

I'm glad that after my year and a half long hiatus, I am being welcomed by the art community greatly. I am grateful for the opportunities in front of me and also for the people who support me both on Steem and in the art community.

Thank you all. :D

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