ON THIS DAY - February 19th

Today, two themes I came up against a lot when searching for headlines and articles in old newspapers.

First, is... Sex. Obviously. The author of this article can't quite understand how women of Scandinavia can be that free and direct when it comes to dealing with the... let's say... sexual advances of men. It seems that in any normal date, in USA, the woman has to let the man pay, or the status quo is shattered.
02-19 FST 1970.jpg
Forst Scott Tribune 1970

The second is... Smoking causes cancer. It is a given today, but Big Tobacco had a deep pocket to pay doctors and studies to refute all that nonsense of course, hence the thousands of articles and studies and... dead people... it took to finally convince everyone of the obvious!
02-19 KNE 1957.jpg
Kentucky New Era 1957

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