Windows 10 has serious problems. Microsoft has broken another update

Microsoft is releasing two major updates for Windows 10 in the spring and fall. And so far more has been damaged than repaired or improved. Problems now lead to slower PCs.

Microsoft said that by the end of September, it will have an update that will fix resource consumption and search. But there is no other way than to wait. This time it's the 1903 version for Windows 10 with KB4512941 update.

The biggest problem is that this update causes Windows 10 to increase processor resource consumption by 30% to 40% in most cases. However, there were users who complained that the percentage reaches 100%.

Resource consumption in Windows 10, caused by Cortana
The problem now is caused by the SearchUI.exe process in Cortana. The updates were made at the end of August and since then the users accuse a poor management of the resources, but also the failure of other basic components.

The functioning of applications that use the Visual Basic 6, VBA and VBScript libraries is affected. Microsoft has fixed problems with Visual Basic in earlier versions of Windows 10, even in Windows 7 and 8. But not yet in the latest version of the operating system.

A secondary problem is the search function. The users' complaints are that it has become useless.

In isolated cases, the hotfix update causes the processor to overload, unblock the Windows search function, and other nuisances.

According to the company, the problem with resource consumption is mostly found on devices that have disabled web search in Windows Desktop Search. The most optimistic deadline is mid-September.

Somehow, in the fall, Microsoft has the biggest problems. A year ago, the Windows 10 update was deleting some files. The company withdrew it until it came to a resolution. Now is the consumption of resources with a rather old function in the operating system.

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