WebDollar Currency of the Internet

What is WebDollar?
Browser Hybrid Mining
Start Mining in seconds
You can start mining WEBD immediately with the first blockchain running directly in your Browser, on any device

Secure Blockchain
Secure and Private
Built on the most advanced blockchain technology using NIPoPoW consensus, your information will be secure and anonymous

Easy Integration
Simple Web Payments
With easy browser integrated blockchain for peer-to-peer transactions, allowing cross-border blockchain payments
WebDollar Ecosystem
Already integrated
No downloads, installation or registration required
Generating wallets directly in your Browser
Easy transactions directly in browser
Pools system with referral program
Hybrid Mining using PoS and PoW
Mining directly in browser
Fast consensus using NiPoPoW
Bounty program with automatic registration
ASIC resistant & GPU unfriendly mining
Offline Transactions
Increase anonymity with transaction mixer
Smart Contracts
Multi-Sig using Fingerprint and Facial Recognition ID
Real time roadmap (Updates Status)
Peer-to-Peer Market for WebDollar
Ecosystem exchange & Exchanges listings
Scaling transactions
Community Voting Center for updates

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