Start Trading! WebDollar proudly announces its first official exchange listing

The world’s easiest to use crypto is now listed on the world’s fastest growing exchange. You can start trading now WEBD with Bitcoin, Ethereum and even US Dollar on a safe, high performance and market recognized environment.
Alexandru Ionut Panait, founder and general manager of WebDollar, talks about the process of choosing the first platform in which the coin will be traded:
“After seeing that WebDollar was technologically ready to go from its private sales in Telegram Groups to public sales in the crypto market, we decided to choose a good and well-established exchange for listing our currency there, even before releasing our own (exchange). When we analyzed the top exchanges from CMC (CoinMarketCap), we focused on those with impressive volumes and active communities. The outstanding winner was P2PB2B, which we consider to be perfectly aligned with our project’s moment, beliefs and values.”
P2PB2B is, by the time this article is written and according to CoinMarketCap — CMC, the 15th biggest exchange in the world, with approximately $440 million in volume on the last 24h. The exchange is officially licensed by the European Union, has instant 24/7 support and protection by OWASP (The Open Web Application Security Project) Top10 standard, keeping 96% of all coins on cold wallets.
In order to make the trading process even easier for the investors, P2PB2B complements its user-friendly interface with a series of videos on their Youtube channel. There you find explanations step-by-step of everything you need to know to have a full trading experience, from ‘’How to register’’ to ‘’How to trade’’ or ‘’How to withdraw’’.
The listing of WebDollar, your already favorite extremely user-friendly to mine and stake cryptocurrency, makes the investment accessible for professional and amateur traders looking for a good medium/long-term investment who were not familiar yet with this unique crypto.
On this matter, Giuliano Ifrim, professional trader with vast Forex and trading experience from WebDollar’s core team, says:
The adoption of WEBD by a very big volume of traders on this big fish exchange, top-20 CMC, is going to be lead by discovery through the eyes of a professional category of traders. This is a stage that the project, so far, has not touched yet, but is about to. Is an opportunity for the true potential behind this incredible technology to be shown to the world. WEBD is a genius medium-long term trading asset, that can, at the same time, be HODL and mined/staked, leaving your stack of coins in constant growth.
This is an asset with very clear targets and mass adoption focus, which expands its possibilities for implementation. There is no good trader that will just look over WEBD without having some for hold and smart trading action. The reasons for that are endless: with no ICO, WEBD is the god of easy-to-use, instant at your disposal, native to the World Wide Web with its blockchain loaded up directly in browser, and has a genius hybrid mining technology, 66% green-mining POS and 33% POW. With many news to come, such as a cold-staking algorithm, is the most ingenious crypto ever created.
So there you go, now you can welcome WebDollar to the trading market and finally break that piggy bank you’ve been saving to invest without any worries!

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