Huawei officially announces its own operating system, not to depend on Android anymore

Huawei officially announces its own operating system, not to depend on Android anymore
Huawei has been working on its own operating system for a long time, and now it gives us more details than ever before.

The company has officially announced that its new operating system will be called HarmonyOS (Hongmeng in China). It will be able to run on both phones, but it will work on quite a variety of devices. Huawei says it plans to launch HarmonyOS on "smart screen" products later this year. However, the company does not mention exactly which devices it refers to. It also says it will expand it to other devices, such as wearable devices, over the next three years.

Huawei is trying to make sure that its operating system will have users. Thus, it will launch it as an open source platform, to be available to everyone.

What the new Huawei operating system will look like
Company officials say the new Huawei operating system will be completely different from Android or iOS, primarily because of its ability to create a true ecosystem in terms of devices. This way, you will be able to develop an application that you can then bring on a variety of devices.

The mission that Huawei has undertaken will be a complicated one. The company expects developers to modify their applications to run on its operating system. This will be especially complicated because they will have to be customized for a wide variety of devices and screens.

Huawei's announcement that it will launch its own operating system has raised some question marks. It was unclear whether HarmonyOS would be an operating system for smartphones or Internet of Things devices. It seems that the new OS is designed to work in both cases.

We still have no official release date for the new operating system, but this will most likely happen this year in China. Then Huawei will expand it internationally as well.

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