Google Pixel 4 could finally be a good phone, not just a camera

Google phones have so far impressed with the camera. And that's it. Google Pixel 4 could be something else, according to unofficial information. For the first time, Google could compete with other established manufacturers and no longer discount on certain features or hardware.

Google Pixel was initially viewed as an experiment. Then Pixel 2 had a good camera, and Pixel 3 managed to deliver, often, even better than the iPhone or Samsung. Google Pixel 4, on the other hand, will truly be a flagship. So if all the unofficial information will be confirmed when the company officially announces it.

Google Pixel 4 would also have good hardware, and great camera
With the first generations of Pixel, Google has relied on software-enhanced photography. On Pixel 4, there will be better hardware too. The phone would have three photo sensors and be capable of capturing photos with an 8x zoom. It would be a combination of optical and digital zoom, with better software than ever.

At the same time, the phone would have 6 GB of RAM. Which is not even the largest quantity, given that Samsung or OnePlus have 12GB models. It is, however, more than what Google has delivered so far. The hope is that the Pixel 4 XL would have 8 GB of RAM.

Last but not least, Google Pixel 4 would have a 90Hz refresh rate screen. In case you haven't been paying attention so far, it has become a kind of screen quality standard, after Razer, ASUS or even OnePlus tried to deliver higher than average refresh rates.

With 90 Hz it means that what you see on the screen moves more fluidly, close to reality, than the human eye perceives the movement. And since Samsung doesn't have that, and the iPhone 11 is unlikely to benefit from such a display, the Pixel 4 would be in a separate category.

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