Achievement1 @herculeand:This is my introduction post to steemit


Words can't describe how I feel after finally making it to this platform.Having heard the about the wonderful things happening in steemit am now here to experience it myself.
Am so happy getting my steemit account and here making my first post-My Introduction post.Honestly, it's a privilege to be a part of this platform.Now let talk about me.

My name is Prince Herculean David,am from Eboyi State,Nigeria.
But I reside in Aba Abia State,Nigeria.Aba is wildly known,most people calls it the Japan of Africa.

I schooled in boy technical college,and I studied Electrical Engineering .
I am the first son but the second born in the family of eight(8).My parent are very hard working and I learn most of my skills from them.

I am an entrepreneur and I engage in the production women hair tie like auto-gele and Brenden shower.

I love barbering,i spent two years learning it.Barbering help me to see that I can be creative.below is one of my work.

I also love the digital world,investing some of my time in it makes me feel happy.

Writing is among my hobbies and I want to socialize with great minds like Mr charles @focusnow who will inspire me to be positive and who will contribute to my betterment.

Thanks to you all for your time.Most especially I will like to extend my thanks to Mr charles @focusnow for the opportunity he gave me as he introduced me to steemit .My thanks also goes to @crytokannon.

Achievement 1!!!

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Dear @herculeand

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23.08.2020 18:46

@herculeand. Welcome to Steemit. This is a place to meet and connect with great minds. Engagement is key. So read other people's post and comment. Join in contests. Also join the diary game where you get rewarded to write about each days activity. Also subscribe to communities and be active.

I hope you will enjoy this journey. I am here to continue assisting you. Welcome once again.

23.08.2020 19:07

@focusnow Thanks so much sir

23.08.2020 19:32

Engagement is key on steemit @herculeand. You are highly welcome to this amazing platform.

onepercent #cameroon

23.08.2020 19:11

@onepercent Thank you sir,i appreciate .
Am looking forward to participate in the many activity done here in steemit,and of if need any help will you be there to help?thanks

23.08.2020 19:33

Hi @herculeand !
Welcome to steemit. Thanks for introducing yourself here. Hope you will get a lot more thing from here.

Diary game season 2 has already started since 01/08/2020 which is run by @steemitblog. I hope you will get interest to take part in the game.

Here is the rules and guideline from steemit blog
1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 14 - The Diary Game Season 2 - FINAL Rules & Guidelines

1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 19 - The Diary Game Season 2 - FINAL RULES

For more follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community such as some tips and curation!
One Percent For Everyone

Also join LUCKY 10S

You may now proceed to the next achievement task following the article
greeting from @tarpan

23.08.2020 21:18

@tarpan thanks so much I appreciate,i will try joining the game

23.08.2020 22:21

Welcome @herculeand to the steemit.
Nice to know about yourself.
You are a really talent person no are also a hopefully you are doing well here .

24.08.2020 02:32

@shaon25 thanks so much,i appreciate.i want to get you know you all better,to experience what life is like with big thinkers like you is.once again thank you

24.08.2020 07:23

welcome to join here, have a nice day

24.08.2020 07:10

I really looked forward to spending much better time with people like you.

24.08.2020 07:26

Hi @herculeand. Welcome to steemit . Thanks for introducing yourself in Newcomers' Community .

Steemit is a platform where you can share your knowledge and learn about people and customs from different countries.

Follow @Steemitblog and join THE DAIRY GAME season

24.08.2020 07:37

Thank you so much @sandysparkle ,i really talks about the diary game,will you please be of help to me if I need help?

24.08.2020 10:55

Congratulations for making it here. You have completed your achievement one task I look forward to seeing your other achievement tasks.

Feel free to participate in everything This is a great platform for you.

Welcome once again.....

onepercent #nigeria

24.08.2020 08:00

Thank @marydexplorer honestly without a word I can see that this platform is great platform.
So will you tell me some of the things you participate in?
I would be so glad if you do

24.08.2020 11:02

Hi @herculeand welcome to steemit world! Thank you so much for introducing yourself here within Newcomer's community!

24.08.2020 15:13

Hi, @herculeand.
Welcome to steemit.

Diary game season-2 has been started. You can join the diary game. Hope, we will see a great diary blog from you. But, you will need a guideline. Hope, you will get that from here -

Follow @steemitblog for updates.

Have a nice day

25.08.2020 14:14

Thank you so much @toufiq777 for your care and concern.
For the diary game my mentor has been doing a great work on that part,and also for that link you sent it has being very helpful and am saying thank you.i know there are good opportunities here on steemit,right?

25.08.2020 19:23

Hi, @herculeand. You are most welcome to the steemit platform and online community. Glad to have you joining us here. This is the best place for you to connect and learn from various bloggers all over the world.

Thanks so much for introducing yourself.
Always follow @ steemitblog for valuable updates and contests on Steemit including #thediarygame, #onepercent, #thelucky10s, etc..

You may now proceed to the next achievement task following the article here

I wish you a wonderful steem experience

25.08.2020 14:44

Thank you so much @yahan2on for your advice.
Just as you have said I will try my possible best to see I join must of the things being done here in steemit like the diary game and other things,and am not afraid because I know there are experienced people here on steemit who will help me.i know you will be ever willing to help.

25.08.2020 19:14

You have been upvoted by randulakoralage a Steem Greeter from STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contests such as #thelucky10s and #thediarygame Season 2.

27.08.2020 01:14

It's a pleasure,
Just as you have said I will try all I could to contest were necessary and do the very best I can.

28.08.2020 04:52

Welcome to Steem Community and Congratulations on completing your task on Achievement 1: Introduction through Verification. Please get ready for the next task on Achievement 2 : Basic Security
See you soon!

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contest such as #thelucky10s and #thediarygame Season 2.
Checkout @steemingcurators daily showcase featuring all writing contests and other community challenges that ongoing on Steem Community.

27.08.2020 01:47

Thank you so much for the update @randulakoralage.
I will be preparing for the second task just as you've said.
And regarding steemitblog am already following them.

28.08.2020 04:48