The dissertation is a necessary step which every student has to pass to complete his degree. It paves the way to the final stage of your degree course. It is usually the most extended piece of work a student writes in his academic life. The importance of a dissertation cannot be surpassed. It helps the professor to know your ability to research and investigate. It shows how well you can identify your interest and put them on paper. It equips you with the skills you will need in your career. Its grades determine your overall performance and play a vital role in your career.

You may use text, images, statistical data or some other information from different sources in your dissertation. As per the guidelines, it is mandatory to mention them all the in the bibliographical section of your dissertation. Citing is simple but organising them in such papers is quite a daunting task. It may take hours to compile your citations and mention them in the bibliographical section. The guidelines are specified in the instructions provided to you at the time of the dissertation assignment. You need to follow those guidelines, but apart from that, we are providing you with some tips which will help you to arrange your bibliography quickly and effectively.

1. Format – You can use any formatting style as guided to you, but few things will remain unchanged. Put the heading ‘References’ and keep it centre aligned. The information you provide includes the author name, the title, the type of publication (e.g. book chapter, whole book, webpage, journal article), the date of publication, the publisher and the place of publication. You can also provide additional details if required. You can use different formatting styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, Vancouver, etc. depending on the need and requirement.

2. Be Systematic – In a dissertation, you may need to cite hundreds of sources. Arrange them in alphabetical order always. Writing the bibliography, in the end, may leave you confused. You can systematically keep a record of your citations as you proceed and organise them later. This will save you a lot of time and effort. You can also use software to assist you in the process. They come with various features to automatically generate reference lists based on your document. But they are not always accurate. You need to be vigilant and careful while using such software.

3. The type of reference – The style of referencing varies according to the source you have used. It is different for books (one author, two author, multiple authors, edited collections, corporate author, no author, third edition, revised edition, self-published book), periodical articles( one author, two author, multiple authors, journal article, review of a book, magazine article, newspaper article), selections from edited collections( one author, two author), CD Rom, Documents obtained from the internet, a government report, film or video, etc. 

The type and style of referencing you use depend entirely on the kind of citations you have used in your dissertation. You can either cite briefly or in detail depending upon the guidelines and the number of sources you are going to cite in your dissertation help. You can ask your instructor for help if you face any difficulty in the bibliographical section.

Summary: Dissertation writing is a complicated and time-consuming task. You can take dissertation help from this document in inserting the bibliographical details correctly to achieve good grades.

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