The dairy game: 28/08/2020 - registering people bone east for the ecowas card

Hello lovely people of steetheirmit , I hope we are doing well. I am glad to post to you my dairy game. It is a great and loving Friday when I woke up at 4:30 am and did my my quite time and after that I went through my normal routine every morning by cleaning my teeth, iron my dress and took my bathe and dressed up and took my breakfast and left to I left to where we are registering the people of Ghana. Before we got to the centre around 6:30 am to get all set up done before we start with the filling of application forms before the applicants can be enrolled into the compute for their cards to be printed and and giving to them , they were already there in their numbers from 4:00 am according to them . so we have to give them number from 1-150 and attend to them for the day that the rest can come the following day since our devices were not many to take care of all of them.

So after filling forms for those who had numbers for that morning the data capturer started enrolling them onto the computer at the methodist church at kojo boffour in bono east.


Look at one of the applicant who is seated ready to captured onto the system.


Because i am in charge of printing and issuing the printed card to the applicant i was not doing work because my devices i use to work was to ready so o had to help my collages to organise the people and maintain peace at the center.

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