The benefits of bathing with hot or cold water

Taking a shower is one of the most relaxing moments of the day, although we always enter into a dilemma when it comes to defining whether we will bathe with hot or cold water.

Although we choose the temperature of the water depending on the meteorological factors, bathing with cold or hot water has its benefits, do you know them? If the answer is no, here are 5 advantages of a hot or cold shower, so you can choose the option what better you consider.

Benefits of bathing with hot water

1.-Clean in a deeper way: Hot water helps to clean the natural fat in a deeper way and serves as
skin scrub

2.-Help against insomnia: The hot shower gives the feeling of relaxation and well-being, also helps to fall asleep.

3.-Detoxify your body: You eliminate toxins that your body does not need.

4.-Relieves muscle aches: Relaxes body and muscles.

5.-Decongest your nose: Uncover the congested nostrils.

Benefits of a cold water bath

1.-Increased energy: Say goodbye to fatigue, a very cold shower always gives a feeling of freshness and dynamism.

2.-Improves circulation: The body to feel the cold water activates the circulation in the blood, bringing more blood to the internal organs and tissues of the body.

3.-Stronger immune system: Stimulates the metabolism and therefore the immune system.

4.-Increase the alert state: With cold water all your senses are activated.

5.-Avoid hair loss: Say goodbye to hair loss; The cold shower strengthens the scalp.

which one do you bathe with? Leave your answer in the comments and help me grow!

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