Express Your Day In 5 Photos (My Contest Entry Post)

Hello Steemians, is my entry post for this wonderful contest, thank you @wo-photography for this contest.

This was a picture of me sitting for a haircut at the saloon cause I was planning a journey.


I was looking so rough and noticed it so I decided to go for a hair cut cause I wanted to travel


The barbing process was cool and fast and the fee is so low compared to some other barbers here in warri.

This was my look after the barbing, awn I look spicy and handsome right.


Immediately after cutting my hair I went to a friend's house picked up my gadgets, it was fun there you know


At there house I played ps4 it was cool but they won me with 2-0 😂 cause I'm not a fan.


Had a little rest and began my journey to Port Harcourt, somewhere in Nigeria and that's my state.

Will update you on my diary once I get to my destination.

Cc: @steemcurator01
Cc: @steemcurator02

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