1st LID REPORT FOR THE DAY 22-04-2021


Woke up around 8:33am this morning somewhere in Nigeria called Okrika and was feeling happy cause i was there.

Took a stroll to meet a friend at her office so she can help power my devices and also, I can get contents to publish this morning.


This is a picture of my street all dried up and lonely cause everyone has gone out to hustle while me am all alone on the street strolling and feeling the fresh air.


Along the road I saw a shop and bought pop corn for the movement, got to the shop without evening eating the popcorn, i gave it to my friend.


Saw a boy taking a class on typing and other things, the area was little noisy as the office was closed to the road.

Haven't had anything to eat but am planning on doing that soon and also haven't had my bath cause I'm a little lazy about it.

The report will continue later tonight alongside my diary game.

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