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Steem-Engine tokens + DTube = ScotTube

Did you ever think about having YOUR website? Do you want it powered by YOUR cryptocurrency where YOU define the rules?

This is the unique selling proposition that has been enabled on STEEM by @aggroed and the Steem-Engine team in the past few months. They call it SCOT.

The good part about it is that it's made in a way that enables even non-technical people to set it up, and this is why a plethora of interesting projects are sprouting from this new ecosystem, as you can see on the Steem Engine tokens list.

The condenser UI had already been forked and adapted to Scots by @eonwarped in Nitrous. This is what powers

So why not do the same with the DTube UI?! This is what ScotTube is about! And the good news is that it's gonna wayyy easier than Nitrous to set up and host, because DTube is a static application.

How to get a Scot Tube for your community

Before you can begin working on ScotTube you need a functional token.

  • Create a token at on the tokens page (100 ENG burn)
  • Enable staking for the token on the wallet page . The icon looks like a diamond (1000 ENG burn)
  • Enable ScotBot so it can distribute your rewards here (1000 ENG fee)

Once you have created your SCOT token, enabled staking, distributed it, and enabled proof-of-brain distribution on it, you will be able to run your own DTube Clone, where your users will be able to earn your tokens, alongside the traditional STEEM, and the newly introduced DTC.

Step 1

Get 1000 ENG on Steem-Engine, send it to @steem-eng and drop @aggroed a message in Discord

Step 2

Get a GitHub account, go to and 'Fork' it.

Step 3

Open the index.html file, and add and edit this configuration script after the ``

    config_scot = {
      "token": "PAL", // the symbol of your token
      "precision": 3, // the number of decimals for your token
      "displayedPrecision": 3, // the number of decimals to display
      "tag": "palnet", // the tag used by your community
      "logo": "", // the logo
      "logonight": "", // the go for nighghtmode
      "websiteTitle": "PEACE, ABUNDANCE, AND LIBERTY" // the title of the website
    } script>

Feel free to also change the website title and description part:

PAL Example here

Step 4
Head to 'Settings' tab, scroll down to 'GitHub Pages' section and enable it for the 'master brananch'.

At this int you should have a fully functional website hosted for free by GitHub.

Do you want a custom domain name?

If you have a custom domain you want to use, you will need to do few more steps. Otherwise you can stop it here.

Step 5

Scroll down again to the GitHub Pages settings and add your custom domain (without http/https) (e.g.

Go to your domain provider website and add a CNAME record pointing from <your_domain/subdomain> to Finally, depending on how fast the DNS propagation goes, the http version should work within 5-30 minutes, and the https should work within 1-2 hours.

Bonus Step

Want to change the favicon? Just delete the DTube_files/images/dtubefavicon.png file and replace it with a favicon matching your project.

Will ScotTube follow DTube's updates?

Yes it will! Your ScotTube is using the exact same code as the current version of DTube (you forked it), and updating to the latest version will always be possible through GitHub directly, but it's not forced or automatic. To update whenever changes are available, you just need to click on 'Pull Request', choose your fork as the base repository, and choose dtube/production (the official dtube) as the head repository.

Who is using it already?

Here is the list of projects currently using ScotTube:

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