Blocknet Founder Speaks: The Crypto Space is Now at a Critical Point

I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder of Blocknet, Arlyn Culwick recently. We covered some important topics like:

  • The importance of Nonproprietary interchain platforms for the future of the crypto space
  • What has gone wrong in the crypto space the past 5 years
  • Decentralized exchanges and their lack of liquidity
  • Plus much more.

Timestamps and links can be found down below.

Blocknet Website
Blocknet Discord
Blocknet GitHub


00:00-4:30 Why Blocknet was created

4:30-12:00 What has gone wrong in this space over the past 5 years.

12:00-17:21 Why nonproprietary interchain platforms are critical for the crypto space right now

17:21-22:50 What are some examples of blockchains that would largely benefit from interoperating?

22:50-29:06 Dissecting governance models, why they don’t work and how it could be improved

29:06-35:14 Why don’t decentralized exchanges see much liquidity and how is Blocknet addressing this issue?

35:14-42:00 What is the experience like for a user/developer of Blocknet.

42:00-43:25 How many people use Blocknet/XRouter?

43:25-43:55 KYC?

43:55-end 5 years from now, what is your vision for Blocknet?

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Heidi is a Very Smart Woman. I Love all the INFO that She Brings to The Table. Thank You @heiditravels........

06.07.2019 12:14

Very happy that you appreciate it :) Thanks for taking the time to comment!

07.07.2019 01:51

You really should be careful with these coins. I researched Blocknet two years ago and it was a fraud. I guess it might be time for another pump. I would recommend against putting money in Blocknet.

06.07.2019 19:08

Why do you keep promoting your post if you yourself admit in the comments that "... I suppose this could be the result of different bots crossing (using different strategies.) but it still seems very weird."

If you can't understand the difference between what happens on exchanges and the use of bots versus what the project actually provides in real life then I'd say you don't really have any room to be throwing around such bold accusations that are flagrantly false.

Please stop spreading fake FUD about a solid project that is not by any means fake. It exists, it provides a real product that is used by real people.

Consider adjusting your focus on things that are true.

07.07.2019 01:50

Sorry for the late reply, I have adjusted my focus. My indepth article looked at a number of aspects of the project. Good frauds, need to look popular, (hence the wash trading) and this project flunked based on more than one aspect. Take a look at the "illicit staking". Some might call it FUD, but it is also "speaking the truth". This project "took over an existing project" "to maintain a CoinMarketCap history", and "to look successful." I only need to see a liar, lie once to know it is false. Your readers need to be aware of both sides of the story. They can judge for themselves. You last statement of it is a real product used by real people caused me to pause and do a little more research. I discovered there were 6 trades in the last 24 hours for $14.50 in volume. (Hmmm.... That is hardly a real product by real people.) I am going to go on with my life now...Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 12.35.48 PM.png

13.07.2019 17:36

@heiditravels You have received a 100% upvote from because this post did not use any bidbots and you have not used bidbots in the last 30 days!

Upvoting this comment will help keep this service running.

07.07.2019 15:19