Review of Anh And Chi Vancouver

Good food. Many vegetarian options some with vegetables I hadn't heard of or eaten yet but I don't have a very sophisticated palate. Honestly the starter was presented very well. Spring roll with vegetables and tofu. Tasted great. I would have liked a knife to help me eat it. You get a fork and 2 chopsticks.
The main course was tofu, noodles and vegetables. Very nice food, presentation again.

I know the place is busy and queues are outside but it's really really strange to have my empty dish taken while my girlfriend still had 5 or 10 minutes left of eating. Dishes should only be taken when both are finished. Does taking the plate before the meal is over really speed things up that much?

The waiter gave us water but came back to pour for us 3 or 4 times even though the jug was on the table. I'm not a fan of that. To me waiter should leave the water, and replace the jug if he noticed it it got empty. Honestly interaction should be taking orders, bringing food or water and then at the end for payment.

Still my rating would be 4/5 or 7-8 out of 10

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