No need to be afraid

Now it seems that there is no other way for corona other than vaccination. The easiest and most effective way to protect against viruses in the short term is through vaccination.
Of course, there are those who believe this, there are those who do not. Everybody can talk about anything easily.
I was one of those who did not want to be vaccinated; But my reservation was more of fear of injection, that is, phobia, than the vaccine wouldn't work. Especially in TVs, after seeing the syringes of those huge needles, I was very hesitant. Also, after the rhetoric of everyone, knowing or not knowing, experts and non-experts, there would be almost a prejudice against the vaccine.


However, the age range, which is one of the rights granted by the state, has also approached. You had the vaccine within the said time frame, or did I gather all the courage and decided to be vaccinated because of the concern that it will be done after all vaccines are over. Of course, first, I wanted to call a few doctor friends, get their opinions, and relax with their words that would encourage me.
I wanted to try my luck on my e-pulse. After several prompts to schedule a vaccination appointment, I expected it would be in a few days, as it was the weekend. It was not what I expected, I got an appointment within 2 hours. I had to go to the vaccine alone because of necessity.
When I arrived at the vaccination room in the hospital, my heart was pounding, so to speak. I was not afraid, but there was a slight panic and timidity on me. Especially when I signed a piece of paper with long writings about your acceptance of everything, when no one was with me, an excitement took over my body. There was no one to take such courage. Neither someone with me nor someone who will get vaccinated. I signed the paper and handed it to the paramedic. After the procedures, I entered the vaccination room. Two nurses waiting ready, loving and smiling. I think this was the environment I needed and expected. They said "welcome, uncle" and asked me to prepare. I guess my worried state did not escape from his eyes while I was lowering my jacket and shirt. "No, uncle!" they said. “By God, girls, I'm afraid of the injection, not to mention the vaccine shot. I seemed to be a little relieved, with the nurses' genial and soft attitude and their humorous statements such as "You don't have to be afraid, our needles won't hurt. My excitement was reflected in my speech. Before I finish my speech, by saying "okay uncle is over, get well soon"; "Is it over, burn?" I said. With their "yes" saying, I took a deep "oh". They said, "Uncle, sit outside for half an hour, if there is no problem, you can go". I sat down on a bench in the aisle, listening to myself, expecting a change in my body at any moment.
No, there were no negative symptoms. It overcame my excitement and my reservations were over. When my time ran out, I left. In this way, I took precautions against the Corona problem with the vaccine and I overcame my needle phobia alone. Now I was stronger and more protected against the Corona virus. Of course, I was proud of being safer, provided that I do not disrupt the mask, distance and hygiene rules.
Now "I'm glad you got a vaccine, is there a world of exaggeration?" there may / will be those who say. Yes, it does exist. For 2 years, we have not been able to excel against this nuisance virus, and we have lost many of our loved ones, friends, friends and acquaintances who spill out of the blue. It's time to say "enough is enough", even if this is possible with the vaccine for now. Especially when there are those who do not believe that there is a virus, and those who do not have a lesson after all these deaths; I had to explain this. Who knows, maybe, while there are those like me who are afraid and who do not believe in the reliability and necessity of the vaccine, maybe someone will be convinced.
We got our vaccine, we do not know how effective it will be; but we are waiting and hope that “I hope it will have an effect and protection”.
The way to return to our old lives and days is to be vaccinated and obeying the rules, let's not forget!
Let us take our precautions and the appreciation is from Allah. By God, we miss our normal life, many things we do, (everything) Our job is difficult, in short, let's make it easy.
When vaccine preferences increase, one can be selective. Hopefully, someone will fulfill its functionality.
By the way, while writing this article, it is really pleasing to receive the news that a few people who do not intend to be vaccinated are vaccinated, I hope the continuation will continue.
Today is the first day of Ramadan Fasting, our fasts and prayers are accepted, I hope the coronavirus trouble will be a means to get rid of us.

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