The HeartsOnSleeves journey begins - Can you relate?

You and every person we see or meet has a story - stories more real and intense than movies and series's we love to watch. People can only see what we show them and learn what we tell them about ourselves, until the various layers are revealed when trust is established. However, it is very rare that we have at least one person in our lives that we can trust with our deepest emotions, thoughts and intracacies of our lives. Especially if you are like me - reserved, a loner, not highly sociable, not wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Despite our personality, we do need someone to talk to, someone to truly trust.

We are extremely private about our lives and therefore we do not share any details with people around us unless there is complete trust. This becomes a problem for ourselves when we struggle with issues in our life and do not have someone we can truly trust to discuss these issues. We bottle everything up inside to our own detriment, manifesting as illnesses, depression and other.

Living and experiencing what I've described, I spend a lot of time reflecting on many complicated situations. Not just in my own life but also in the lives of others I observe and overhearing people who love to speculate about and discuss someone else's life and situations. In order to be completely honest and open with someone we require a very high level of trust and non-judgement. The issue can range from something trivial to very sensitive. To find this someone to talk to is extremely difficult.....

Next post: Who do we trust with our deepest thoughts and life stories?

Closing note:

In "HeartsOnSleeves" I want to talk to you, share my views, opinions and experiences about various situations you might be struggling with. In turn I will appreciate your replies and by doing so release what you have bottled up inside.

From my heart to yours - HeartsOnSleeves 💙💛💙

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