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What does CCC mean to me?

Courage to face any challenges that will be in the way to achieve my dream.

I do not expect to have a shortcut to achieve my dreams or to think that everything will be an easy task. I dream of having cryptocurrency as my pension back up. If I can be successful in the world of cryptocurrency before the age of 45 I will be able to have an early pension.

The world of crypto once is an alien world for me because, until the day a friend introduces it to me, I have never known of its existent. To be able to earn, trade and use it to cover for my short budget have been a blessing throughout these 3 years. Other than Steemit, I also have been exploring other crypto opportunities. Steemit has been my first encounter, my first step and the place I met wonderful people. I will never forget this platform as long as it exists and reachable.

Confident to take a new step with precautions.

In the world of crypto, I have promised myself that I would never use my salary to buy crypto. It is not because that I do not trust cryptocurrency. I am still considered a newbie in the crypto world. 3 years is not enough to gain experiences. Even after 3 years, there are still new things to me. The new token, new platform and the price of crypto are not static. Now it might seem expensive but I also have experienced the moment where it is only a few cents.

Most of my earlier team that join in together with me have given up on crypto but I have my confidence that crypto will be my resolution in the future. I kept in mind that crypto is my long terms investment plan. It is not money that I invested but my energy and hope.

I keep on writing story and my earning is still not much because I am not consistent. Even so, I can see the difference between earning 'zero' and now a few $. Not much compared to those who worked harder than me but it is proof that I need to keep my confidence in crypto.


My inconsistency. There are times that I did not write anything for months and I notice that it affect my earnings a lot. In a platform where readers are the ones who decided that I got paid or not, consistency is one of the important things. It is not that I need to write a lot in a day but I will try to at least join a lot of contest every week.

I thought that this is the least I can do even if my schedule is tight. I promise my friends that I will try my best and I will keep that promise as much as I can. Who are these friends of mine? I have written about them in my previous entry. One more person that I will never forget on this platform is @kenny-crane. His upvote has kept me going from the beginning of time. Even after I left for a while, he is still there and so are @steembasicincomes, @team-ccc(including members that still host contest) and @qurator.

All of the above starts with engagement, patient, passion and the strength to on even if things are bad.

I am inviting @marblely @gertu @olivia08 @myach


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11.04.2021 01:08

Thank you.

11.04.2021 03:45

Thank you for your entry. Please,invite 3 people to join this contest too and do not forget to read, comment and upvote other participants.

We hope you can make a bit time to join us.
Good luck.


11.04.2021 07:49

I put the invitation under the comment of the original announcement post. I edited the article and put it here too. Thank you.
I hope so too.

11.04.2021 08:12

Your entry is valid πŸ‘

11.04.2021 15:15

Thank you.

12.04.2021 10:52

I'm glad to see you still here making great posts! Thanks for your kind words about me! :)

11.04.2021 08:00

I am here and a few more platform. You have been there giving me upvotes on this platform. You are the first out of the country encounter that gave me a good comment on my article, encourage me to keep on writing until I met @wakeupkitty, @marblely and @gertu with @team-ccc. How can I forget you.. Hahaha

Without your upvotes, I might have long given up like my other colleagues.

11.04.2021 08:18

Hello @heartbeat1515, nice entry. Cryptocurrency world is something huge and we still need a lot of experience, it's a lot to face. But we will make it. Greetings

onepercent #venezuela #affable

11.04.2021 18:31

Too much too learn sometimes but it is worth all.

12.04.2021 09:28