☕Coffee Talk ✌️ How Your Fav Drinks Affects Your Energy!

Have you had your cup of Joe yet today? How do you take it?

When you wake up from your dreams, your body (should) have had time to rest, rejuvenate and replenish leaving you ready for the day ahead!

But so many of us wake up so tired we go straight for....


You guessed it!

Coffee-- cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, iced frappucinos, cold brews, nitro and everything in between! ☕

cece coffee.jpg

Ahhh, (sigh) the world's most famous pick-me-up!

One little problem about the richly flavored beans that give way to the energy and super powers of many...

It's only TEMPORARY!

Then what happens? Think about it for a minute...

"Oh my, I'm crashing. I must have another!"

And that repeats itself over and over and over...

This creates DEPENDENCY on a substance to get you through a day.

Many people face withdrawals without it and there is a whole marketing world around making sure people get their coffee first thing in the morning... OR ELSE!

Think about the word we use for what we all know inevitably happens after our first cup... crash... That is not a positive sounding experience!

Crazy fact: Did you know that it's possible to have a caffeine overdose? That happened to me before and it is NOT a fun party!

I didn't know that was possible until it happened to me when I was on a trip and to be honest, scared the living daylights out of me. After that I started getting into a bunch of research that lead me here to this post now, sharing with you.

cece tree.jpg

(FYI this is real footage of me having an overdose from drinking too much coffee at the EOS Hackathon in Hong Kong.)
HOW CRAZY IS THAT?I was wrecked in the park feeling like my heart would explode out of my chest!

Did you know:

Your body starts to get lazy while something else is doing it's job and then eventually crashes from the high of the caffeine, therefore promoting you to move onto the second, third, fourth cup of coffee just to get you by (because now you have a different standard of energy levels!)

You have been sending your body messages effectively saying "I don't need your energy, I'm just going to take this and I'll handle it by myself."

Vegan cappuccino please!


Look, to be crystal clear what I'm most concerned about is how that affects your health and happiness! 💜🙏

👉🔥See, when your body is tired it's trying to send you a message and when you just cover up that message with a band-aid, the problem not only persists but it can get worse and worse (take it from me!) 🔥

Those yawns and sleepy eyes are the body's way of screaming at you, telling you something is not A-OK and coffee just closes the door on that conversation so you forget about it until it comes back screaming even louder the next time.

There are some ways to give yourself more pep in your step without relying so heavily on caffeine!

✨ Exercise
✨ Lemon water
✨ Healthy sleep habits (regulated bed times, turning off electronics an hour before bed etc)
✨ Cold water therapy (either cold showers or a shock of cold water at the end)
✨ Intermittent fasting and/or detoxes
✨ Energy work/meditation

And the list goes on if you feel like you need an extra boost.

I love the taste of coffee and I used to drink coffee ALL DAY when I worked in the service industry. I felt like I could not get by without it so I had to psychologically prepare myself to start to remove it!

So many of us are tired, lethargic, drained and unmotivated because the body has something going on with it!

What if we removed the cover up and listened?

What would our body tell us it needs to begin producing more energy again?
I invite you to ask yourself and see what the body has to tell you.

I'm not telling you to stop drinking coffee, I'm simply asking you to make sure your relationship with it is serving you and not just ending up taking all of your work breaks and pocket change!

Love and Light ✨
Cece 😘🧙
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Comments 7

I drink 2 cups of freshly brew french presses one with 2 drops of cbd oil (15mg) in :D
Normal routine on my days off :D

11.03.2020 14:23

That seems to me that it would counteract each other... that's really interesting @cwow2 I have never heard of anyone doing that combo before since CBD is usually used to chill and calm. What's it like for you?

12.03.2020 15:02

I am so used to coffee that it only wakes me up a bit, not much tho.
And I take cbd oil to easlier manage my adhd ^^
So I take a few drop throughout the day :D

12.03.2020 15:47

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11.03.2020 19:15

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Although i have never been a coffee drinker I totally agree with you that is you cover up the signs your body is giving you that it is tired it will come back on you even harder.

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12.03.2020 03:25

Oh @porters if you already don't drink it then you don't have to battle the giving it up! Is there anything you use as a pick me up? Any routines or techniques that you use? :)

12.03.2020 15:01

This is so true. The benefits are just not worth it for me.

I was unwillingly reminded of the effects of caffeine lately, as you can read in this write up: An Unexpected visit from cia ( cafeine induced anxiety. I guess I needed to learn that lesson ;>)

15.03.2020 20:07