TheHashPower is truly Awesome!

You may choose to be passive or active investors in saving your BTC or ETH. We develop business networkers worldwide, start from signing up

It's open for both kind of investors - passive & active.

To advise passive investors to buy plan with high USD to gain high daily earning.

To advise active investors to buy entry level plan with USD42. Encourage them to learn TheHashpower marketing plans & do sponsoring.

Passive Investors choose any of 3 Plans for Mining BTC & 3 Plans for Mining ETH.

ROI = A% per month

As example, if u choose Ether Radiant Miner, with capital $42 & Mining contractual period 540 days.

ROI = 29.1% × $42
= 12.2 mths × 30 days
= 366 days.

PROFIT = 540 - 366 days
= 174 days of amount of ETH.

Our daily earning from TheHashpower is not fixed amount.

Same like other mining platforms offered.

TheHashpower is not HYIP Program which offer higher % daily return.

To understand daily earning from Mining & Mining Difficulties.

And don't forget Investment Concept esp to Passive Investors...

High capital investment gives High Return with High Risk.8A4B5CB9-8832-47DD-9ECE-118409CE8383.jpeg

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