Better Life || The diary game 04.06.2021 || Morning walk went into vain, Rest of the day was awesome

Namaste Guys

How are you all?

I hope everyone is happy.


Today, I woke up at 06:30 hrs and went to the running track as soon as possible. I was feeling fresh and energetic today because the fever and headache caused by vaccination were gone now. I walk for half an hour, about 6k steps. But I forgot to see it on the app, alas! the #actift app was not Running or counting my steps in the background while walking. Alsa! My today's walk went into veins. Unfortunately, when I reach home I see only around 300 steps on an Actifit app. I was angry like hulk 😂. I took some pictures on the running track as well.

1) Running ground

My Running Ground where I go everyday for exercise

2) Flowers

3) Another one from another angle

flower sky.jpg

After having breakfast, I started reading a new book named "Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle". I was eagerly waiting to read the book (The basis of bitcoin and Blockchain) that I had ordered 20 days back on amazon, but still not delivered. So finally had to start this book. I read it till 10:00 hrs.

4) Just started POWER OF NOW book


After that, I surfed the internet, checked, read, upvoted and comment on some of the blogs over steemit.

popati line.jpg


By then it was 12:30 hrs, I had delicious lunch while watching the latest episode of Wagle ki Duniya. After lunch, I slept for 2 hours until 16:00 hrs. At around 16:00 hrs I was woken up with Lipton green tea. Still, the taste of green tea feels horrible, I wish I will be habitat by its taste. I have written some blogs as well in the noon.

At 18:00 hrs, I was doing some cycling and exercise at home with the kind of GYM music. After that, I had lunch of only fruits and then get ready for work.

5) Fruits - The lightest dinner one can have


After dinner, I reach the office and then I walk there while working. As soon as I completed the threshold limit of 5 k steps on the #actifit fitness tracker app, I stopped walking and plan to watch the newly released web series The Family Man 2 on amazon prime.

6) My Actifit report card - Achieved hardly

At around 23:30 hrs, I started watching the family man 2 on Amazon Prime in my free time. I have seen two episodes of this series and spell bounded with the performance of Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni. At around 01:30 hours, I decided to sleep because it was already too late. That's how my day ended.


popati line.jpg

That's all folks 😛

This is how my day ended.

How was yours?

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and The diary games.

Thank you For giving your precious time to my Diarygame

stay home stay safe popti.jpg

popati line.jpg

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How is the book that you are reading?
Nicely written by you.
Keep posting.


06.06.2021 04:25

I have just started it. I will post detail of it soon @vaibhavsan Thank you for stopping by #affable

06.06.2021 06:20

Wow beautiful picture of flowers.
Nice diary keep posting


06.06.2021 06:35

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06.06.2021 17:38

Nice post brother. Keep writing. #affable

07.06.2021 15:36

Thank you for your kind attention @brahmaputra

08.06.2021 04:13