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Before 17 Nov 19, we were so happy living our life on our own. we were eager to welcome our loved ones with a warm hug. we were busy roaming around, clicking pictures in different poses (without masks), watching movies in theatres, having some street food and dream drinks freely, partying late nights, visiting beaches weekly, having a great weekend with lots of people, and touring like a maniac anytime anywhere, inviting guest as many as possible on occasions, of course, that too without those stupid masks we have been carrying since one and half year. Every country was progressing and their GDP was skyrocketing. Nasdaq, Sensex, Nikkei 225, FTSE 100, CAC 40 were touching all-time high. And most importantly, we were breathing openly and sneezing was considered as a sign of good luck.

And then shit happened at Wuhan, China had reported their first case of SARS-CoV-2 on 25th December 2019 and believed to get infected on Nov. 17, 2019, according to the South China Morning Post. We were still busy, international flights were roaring as routine. We neither give F*ck about it nor china did. By the end of March-20, everything was changed, every country had started reporting Covid-19 cases. In India, the first COVID case was reported on 30 Jan 20 in Kerala and at the end of March, 21 March to be specific, 63 COVID cases were reported. At that time, many well know person and media had forecasted that as per the population, India will be the most COVID hit country than any other. But the Indian government had other plans, they imposed a national wide Janta curfew on 22 March 20 and then imposed a complete national wide lockdown for 68 days (in different phase) as a preventive measure against COVID. And as an Indian, I am proud that we had halted the COVID case in India and we could have helped other beloved countries that were the epicentre of COVID. Even, WHO also had Praised PM Modi for preventive measure India took to halt COVID cases, and the helpful nature of India to other countries. By then, India had sent humanitarian aid in the form of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) & paracetamol and including other items to more than 100 vulnerable countries with supplies and training. I’m proud of the good deed India did, after all, that should be the motto of every human being to be helpful and save the lives of others.


But unfortunately, the situation has just turned 180° in the second COVID wave, now epicentre India is reporting all-time high cases over 3 lakhs per day. An increasing number of COVID cases may be due to lots of carelessness of the people themselves and the government for not taking preventive measures. Now the situation is becoming worst day by day, people are dying for lack of availability of oxygen and beds. The vaccine is being a great elixir but vaccination to 1.3 billion people is quite a challenging task to complete instantly in a condition where oxygen is the most needed thing right now to save lives.


The good news is entire world is with us. They are ready to support and started supporting already by sending tonnes of oxygen, medicines and PPE kits to India. Over more than 40 counties are standing by side to help India as soon as possible to save millions of lives. I would personally like to applaud all the counties who help or willing to help India to pull out of this situation.

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Notable Help from Various Country

1. Thank you, Australia

Promised to supply a billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

2. Thank you, China

I wish you had closed your wet markets but still thanks for talks with Indian health officials for possible help.

3. Thank you, Germany

Germany has sent 23 mobile oxygen generation plants to Covid-19 patients.

4. Thank you, France

France ready to support India through the crisis. Details of how and what he plans to offer have yet to be discovered.

5. Thank you, Pakistan

Pakistan has offered to provide relief support to India including ventilators, digital X-ray machines, and PPEs. Edhi Foundation is also ready to send a fleet of 50 to help in India’s pandemic response.

6. Thank you, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia sent 80 metric tons of liquid oxygen on April 24.

7. Thank you, Spain

Spain will send 7 tonnes of medical supply.

8. Thank you, Singapore

Singapore donated 4 cryogenic oxygen on April 24.

9. Thank you, UK

The UK donated 140 ventilators and 495 oxygen generators to Delhi.

10. Thank you, US

The US is sending “oxygen supplies, Covid-19 tests, drug treatments, and personal protective equipment and most importantly raw materials for vaccine production.

10. Thank you, All other countries

Thank you to all other countries for supporting India in terms of anything.

I believe that any country sending help to another country is not just trading between the ruling government of both countries but it is more between the people of both the country. That’s why I’m posting this blog here where people are from a different country and so I can thank them personally for standing by side to the people of India. I thank you all again.

“Viruses will come and Vanishes but Humanity Should not”

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