Summer break

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Hey guys!

We hope you're all doing fine and just wanted to let you know we'd be taking a break for a couple weeks before we're back with some more new content.

Stay safe and see you pretty soon! ;)

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07.08.2019 22:50

See you when you return! Will be looking forward to beautiful travel blog entries with gorgeous photos ___

Enjoy your travel, be safe, and have a gorgeous time <3333333333

08.08.2019 06:10

Thanks a lot!! <3 We had a great time!
We’ll be back shortly and we hope you’ll like our new posts. See you very soon! :D

20.08.2019 20:33

Sounds awesome @haydae Enjoy your travels and I look forward to seeing the sights and reading your blogs about Romania and Bulgaria.

12.08.2019 21:12

Thanks a lot @trudeehunter! We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our time in Romania and Bulgaria just as we’ve enjoyed it ourselves. :)

20.08.2019 20:34