The Dirty Shirts - At Your Back - Short Lo-fi Tune By The Old Jam Band!!


I like short little jam songs like this!!

Catchy grungy short little song!! I like the sound to it, the shirts was a fun group to have!! I was just visiting one of my friends from the shirts last night!! His lady said she has been listening to the shirts cd once in awhile too! Cool yea I saved all the sounds of the jams in those days from about 2006-9. So yea I did lose the photos and songs on the iPad. That's okay I exported every song I made on there. Now I am trying some other apps and such out for fun. Will be getting back into the home music soon! Maybe even today... it's just that it's so nice out, may have to rock out later tonight!! Just feel glad and confident to be back on the right path. Also remembering to take care of myself too, keep lifting spirits. Yea had some good chats last night, glad I visited the friend and slept over a couple weeks in a row. Keep being able to stay somewhat social


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