Sonic Battles Dr. Eggmans In A Glitched Marble Garden Zone On Sonic 3!!

It's like Sonic got transported to a glitch world! It can be a metaphor for late stage capitalism where Sonic is fighting that technocratic tyrant Dr. Robotnik. The glitched Marble Garden zone is crumbling, Robotnik put all the animals into machines, now the romantic history resembled by Marble Garden Zone is disintegrating.

Dr. Eggman cloned himself and the midway boss drill to spawn on sonic unexpectedly! If sonic is swift enough he may be able to take down those machines amidst the glitchy turmoil of society while earthquakes are going off and Robotniks machines are exploding and burning!!

Made a couple different versions of the video. The short one where Sonic destroys robotniks in quick succession and the other where Sonic fights 2 Roboniks at once! Sonics Robotnik and Knuckles Robotnik boss!!

It's been fun glitching the game!! I like coming up with funny metaphors for sonic in glitch realm!! I have some more to put out soon featuring Blue Knuckles!! Haven't posted for awhile. Just trying to take it easy and get my energy back. Now I feel I'm back on track. This month looks to be more exciting!! I'm trying to practice and make more musics too!!

I like these boss glitches! They get pretty wild!!

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