Some Art For Upcoming Album Plus The Ambient Collage Song - Level Zero By Synthesis Underground

Been going through the motions. Don't even have anything really ready for open mic tomorrow, not even worried, getting to the place where I'm planning the project, calming myself down and pumping myself up. Wow yea it's been a long trip. Got my thinking self going again, more the intellectual, kinda how I felt a couple years ago. Started reading a bit more to stimulate the consciousness. Been working on art concept for the next electronic compilation. I think I will call it Technopeasant

I like the latest electronic experiments I've done and am excited to get them out!! Got my next electro project idea kinda figured out plus a new concept album based on comparing Y2K to the year 20202, won't reveal the title yet, got some ideas for songs going though! See it's good, took some time, the right idea comes at the right time. Really like the title Technopeasant for the next album too. I may try to release it by tomorrow!!

So here is that collage ambient track from some years back - Level Zero By Synthesis Underground -

I like it!! Was glad I always tried to make something. Now I'm thinking I'd like to flip a 180 and get real hyper. Really try to get my poetry and ideas out in some sound art projects!! Get to the place where I'm not really thinking about it, the expression comes out. I've had a great longing for expression and passion for a very long time!! Look back and see how I've been just surviving, yet worked to keep all the good ideas, concepts, understanding and life experiences intact! To remember my memories, childhood memories too. Some people are unable to remember their childhood. I feel super lucky that I can. Held onto ideas and stories that were important to me. I feel it's all ready to come out more and more

Even though I don't have anything really ready for open mic I will still go! I will also still work on music. Perhaps if I have a poem I'm writing I could recite that for sure

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