Put Out A Single To Promote Next Compilation. Song's Called Gist Of The Grist by Synthesis Underground

I'm glad my newest stuff will be distributed soon. Set it up for a pre-release. It's coming June 12. I'm excited for it 'cause I think the sound has progressed with the newest. Got me to work on more. It seems to have been a real struggle to get down to it in the past life, yet I know the good ideas, passions, hunger for new songs and real expression has been core. It's all I've really been onto, the interest of insights along with the expression of them.

I think I can catch a mood, at the same time this music has an almost neutral sound to it. Perhaps a meditative more ambient approach 'cause I'm trying to catch my breath, in mind. Even if it's a real bumpy ride sometimes.

Here is the song

Haha yea I think I'll just finally enjoy the year and the summer. I just go to the park or the bench in the wooded area for now to work on stuff or relax. Realize I've actually always felt just about this isolated so the music is a therapy at the time of making it. After that it can be something else. I like to share. Find the way back to boil it down to some real excitement.

Gist Of The Grist can also be found on Spotify


I think I'd like to try to make another video soon too. Working on a new tune as well. I like it when I'm in the groove.

Link to pre-release and other places where the songs collect.




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Congratulations, Friend. Your music will be great

11.06.2020 16:12