New Wild Track Made Tonight!! Synthesis Underground - Struck In


Whoa, yea, I like how it turned out. Got a little more fast paced and frantic. Still kinda trippy. Another practice sound collage track. I like listening to this! Has an almost psy vibe about it! Cool yea I like psy vibes, could be what I'm really aiming for! I want something to trip one out a bit and make you think. I was thinking with this title instead of striking out, you can be striking in! Imagine you fall out of a group or position that wasn't worth having or where you were under-appreciated. So when it feels like you struck out lost, you actually struck in win! 'Cause you stuck it out long enough to strike out you have struck in for something else instead of being just stuck in stricken constricted!! Hehe I'm thinking all this while listening to the play back


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