New Weird Experimental Song Tonight!!! Synthesis Underground - Eh Eyes Mistake


Yes! So glad I could make something tonight!! And Something weird! It does sound kinda messed up haha. Has some backwards bits in it...well you just gotta hear it!! I just had to make a post about this right away before I go out and listen to it again. Was kinda tired yet been working on trying to make some kind of sound...glad I got back into it this evening. Made some recordings last night to go with some other music. Hmm, well a bit more is in the description of the song.

Cool yea! this is the direction I like to head in. Where the music starts to get weird and takes you on a trip!! Will keep working at this. I made a few more recordings for some samples. Been getting ideas in my mind. I better get the mic up and start practicing. I got some lyric themes. I like to tell stories with music moods. I feel more getting on track, it's writing itself if I keep on practicing. Love to record the experiments all the way through process. To get to dream schema


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