New Twisted Experimental Song!!! - Massesect - Munstro Flop!! Plus All Art On This Post A.I. Generated



Still feeling the Halloweening no hallow weaning!! So I put more moans, screams, cries etc into this track!! Made 2 different tracks at same bpm, then experimented on mixing them together a bit and then added some sound effects. Been thinking of adding vocal lyric too. I like to have the instrumental version separate anyway, keep it

Here is the song! -


Already making a music video for this track! Using this crazy A.I. art!! It's so messed up yet can be cool haha!! So I thought I had to miss the open mic tonight because the roads are too icy!! That does kinda suck, I have been feeling more isolated lately yet feel more fight in me! It's good that I can be creative with the music and arts, keeps me there and real.


I have found more software for music I can make use of. I am getting a bit more familiar with what I can do with sound the more I practice, experiment, learn and explore!! I want to keep on this journey and just have it be fun!! Keep on the mission!! Roar!!! Yea been needing to pick up the energy no matter what. I am loving the winterish time this fall though! All the white everywhere makes me feel clean, crisp and fresh!! When the sun hits it feels great there too!!


Allright! Let's see what I can get done with the rest of the week!! Been able to get into that mode where I know what I want to try to create lately. I know I want to experiment and learn more. Always like to find the results of how the experiments all turn out!!

Here is a link to my Bandcamp page to find out all of what I've put out there before

May be able to create another release before the end of year





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