New Track - Massesect - Disingenuous Grid - Distorted Experimental Music!!


Wanted to get to making some Halloween type sound! Took me awhile to get to it. Tomorrow is open mic before Halloween so I thought I could try to make something! Found a guitar effect pedal and ran it through the drums on iPad. Then something not so good happened, the output jack on the iPad sounds distorted now. Don't know why. Have to turn the volume down to make it sound normal. So some of the distorted drums in the song is from the output and not just the effects pedal.

Here is the track - Disingenuous Grid By Massesect

I was jamming along with myself on the recording. Was wanting to make a backing track to go with it for melody to the distorted part. I did make something. Will try to put it together. Write some lyrics. Add some spooky ghost sounds or screams. Then try to make one or 2 more tracks to perform if possible. Want to just get up and work on the craft and see what happens by night time. May try to dress in some dark Halloween type clothes if I feel good and ready.


Still just trying to get through this time of life. Self expression is important for that. My dear friend I've lived with for a very long time is still effected after having a bad foot infection. She was on antibiotics, now that she is off them for 2 days, now we think the bacteria spread to her gut. So yea been pretty stressed lately. Partly why I haven't worked on music as much as I wanted. Trying to make these songs for Halloween is getting me back in. Do as much as I can, that feels right.

Here is a link to my music on Bandcamp - put out some releases this year!!


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@havok777, Sometimes we want to create something but we face Obstacles, but we have to rise up and have to create what we wanted to create. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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