More A Twisted Techno Song With Lyrics! Massesect - Got Nothing?


Awesome yea! I was gearing up for some more Halloweenish sounding tunage! Was able to put some scream sounds in there, make it more kinda weird. Took that track I posted up the other night that sounds distorted and added more of a melodic track to it!! I like how it turned out. I like the lyrics and how they turned out! Performed this at the local open mic this last Wednesday! It went fairly well. Re-worked lyrics on a another tune I've made recently too. Been getting more into the craft. I like this

Here is the song Got Nothing? By Massesect


I want to have enough songs that I can perform a few at the open mic. Will keep creating and building to find more sounds that I like. I do kinda like this one!! I may do it again. I also like the different lyric version I did for another song called Ensnarl. Here is the version I have on Soundcloud. May put out the other version for a future release on Bandcamp

It would be fun to put something more out before the year is up!! Still want to do some funny remixes of soundtracks from movies that predicted a dystopian 2019! The future is now!! It's blade runner day!!! Welcome to our wonderful dystopian future!!!


I still have some more lyrics to put to one or 2 more songs. Also working on some new tracks. Will just have to stay with it, keeps me real and sane. Here is a link to my Bandcamp page! Put out a few releases this year!!

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