Just Winding Down Night. Posting A Couple Tracks


Been one of those days where I took it kinda easy. It's getting colder out now, especially this evening. Cleaned house a little bit. Still made it so I worked on some music sound stuff tonight. The mind feels clearing a bit like I'm excited for some concepts, the mind buzzing with some ideas where it becomes something interesting so I want to get into it, want to express, tell a story. Tell some of that life story and share ideas I've been wanting to get across for a long while... and have fun with it. The crafty fun.

This is a song I made on acoustic a long while back! I may re-learn this so I can perform it at open mic soon. Been getting into the craft of singing and writing with guitar again. That would be cool, I can get some songs I like so I can play them, it's a good idea. The song is called Needy Me by Massesect - https://massesect.bandcamp.com/track/needy-me

I used to put songs under different artist names, though lately I've been calling almost everything Massesect except Synthesis Underground.


Yea somehow I'm calming down, having moments of feeling really good energy. Now I'm tired, I think I will have a good sleep. I think I can keep with for relaxed yet more charged feeling I've had for sure. Posting the latest release of my music lately helped me feel good. Also I like how Greta is doing the climate march in Canada today. Also Trump Impeachment. Then the music helps me take my mind off too as well as enhance

This is one off the new album. I like how the music is weird and off the wall!! Disnifried McDumbolies by Synthesis Underground - https://massesect.bandcamp.com/track/diznifried-mcdumbolies

Alright cool, glad I could unwind the mind and share here a bit!! Going to have a good sleep now!! Hehe yea I gotta a free day so... I can mess with more audio sounds!!


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