A Couple Other Random Locations On Randonautica

These are the last and latest unpublished video clips of Randonautica locations I'm putting out now! Will have to play the game some more to gain more footage. Unfortunately the layout of the app changed, looks like I lost the points I bought through the app as well, that sucks. Well I have 15 points left so still will be able to play some before I have to top it up.

Was wondering if the app change is why I lost view counts on youtube in the last few days. Maybe. I like how the app takes you to random and odd places. The clips on this vid look totally random LOL. The first clip is a hill by a train track. Was led there by a path. I always look out for hidden paths now on the game as many times there is one to help you explore the randomly generated area.

Here are the clips!!

Here is a video of the few of the finds from this last walk!!

I make music too! It helps keep me sane!


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