2nd New Song Of 2020! Gist Of The Grist By Synthesis Underground. And Some Little Life Stories


Whew, getting a little tired now! That's okay, means that I had a busy day, was active, so cabin fever isn't getting to me. Feel spring coming. Yup, gotta keep on the up and up! That's why I had to make another tune to put out there!! I am feeling some inspiration! It's been tough but uh just trying to keep creative and have been cleaning house for spring season upkeep!! Gotta do it for my brain too man!!

Here is the new electro experiment!! It's getting a bit more out there and wild!! Good, I'm liking the direction of this sound lately. Glad on how it tuned out err or was that turned out hee hee. Gotta get through that glitch in the matrix!!


So yea was flashing back with this virus ordeal. My mom hears voices, paranoid, thought people were out to get us, experienced that as a kid. She scared us kids!! Well uh it did help me from getting brainwashed. At first with the virus scare I was kinda stressed out, then I remembered living in my mom's fear world as a kid. That calmed me down. It's like the current situation is helping to heal my childhood trauma kind of.


Also watched this System Crasher movie, it helped me out. It's a German show on Netflix about a child abused as a baby so she has bad freak outs, violent. Reminds me of abused animals and how they become really fearful and very aggressive. Aww, there was a scene near the end hitting on that part, I won't spoil it though. Yea I used to have a lot of anxiety attacks/screaming fits too. Though when I was young I did not hurt anyone else, break things or hurt myself. I was just really expressive. All this reminds me that yea I was traumatized as a kid! That's okay. That show was moving to me, although it was pretty harsh too. Also new a mom in the trailer park with a young daughter who would freak out and destroy stuff sometimes.


So yea that's good, in a way I'm going through stuff, getting more creative lately, dealing with myself in knowing more of the kid part. Feeling some growing. Turning it all into a good trip if I can. Ok well I'm tired, glad I could tell some story and put out another piece of musical sounds.

Here is a link to my Band Camp page for further musics


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