STATE OF THE DAPPS REPORT 13.09.2019 | talk#221

Hi family,
long time no overview of the STEEM related Dapps on

So today, 13/09/2019 I will bring you another report of THE STATE OF THE DAPPS -
Today in total there are 2273 Dapps on 9 different blockchains available.
Let's get into the numbers!

Here are the 5 STEEM Dapps in the Top 20:

Steemit: - @steemitSteemMonsters: - @steemmonstersNextColony: - - @dtubePartiko: - @partiko
Standing of @dtube in the ranking: #14 the charts about active users: daily 193 transactions: daily 343
Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day.
Love from Barcelona

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