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Hi family.

So today, 11/10/2019 I will bring you today's report of THE STATE OF THE DAPPS - https://www.stateofthedapps.comToday in total there are 2109 (+19 Dapps) Dapps on 9 different blockchains available.Let's get into the numbers!
Here are the 5 STEEM Dapps in the Top 20:
Steemit: - @steemitSteemMonsters: - @steemmonstersNextColony: - - @dtubePartiko: - @partiko
Standing of @dtube in the ranking: #14
Here the charts about active users: daily 160 transactions: daily 261
Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day.
Love from Barcelona

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That's amazing.Dtube doing very good.

11.10.2019 09:42

Yes, it's great to see that the community holds together in these desperate times and keeps on using this amazing DAPP.

11.10.2019 10:01

@tipu curate

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11.10.2019 09:54

Thank you mattsanthonyit for your support.
Greetings from Barcelona

11.10.2019 10:02

No @hauptmann "its Friday October 11th"! LOLOLOOL. I got scared for a second. Moral is down but steady is great! Great video! thanks!

11.10.2019 10:10

We living in fast times... Weeks are just passing by.
I'm glad to see that most of the community members are holding together and make the best out of it.
Thanks Francesca for stopping by. Have a great day, greetings from Barcelona

11.10.2019 10:24

Hahaha haha OMG
NOW I got itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Was a bit early I guess.

11.10.2019 13:36

Is Partiko still active? πŸ€”I thought that they have stopped developing.

11.10.2019 17:23

Still works, yes. Not sure about the state of development but for now it works. πŸ‘πŸ»
Greetings from Barcelona

11.10.2019 20:40

Hm, yes, but I don't think that they are still developing. They stopped months ago. Not sure, maybe someone else knows more... that's just what I have read.. @partiko

12.10.2019 16:08

Thanks for a great video @hauptmann, and I do not like the fact that Dtube has less active users even though it's still in the same spot in the ranking, let's hope that turns around soon, and as to the other dApps Steem is having less activity overall, so not surprising that some of them loses some spots.

There is an overall trend with less active users, but there is also a trend with more activity in some of the tribes, and that also means that it's more focus from those members, and especially the new ones, to not see Steem as the main rewards token, but the token of their specific tribe, and that means to them Steem is just there to run the blockchain and to be the main trading pair while rewards are mainly focused on the tribe tokens and maximizing that.

Dtube is of course in all the tribes, since you just tag your video with the tribe tag where your post is most relevant, but the fact is that in my opinion the DTC can not come around soon enough, and the fact that their token sale is having such a slow pace is not very promising, so let's hope it starts picking up pace again, though Dtube does have quite a lot of competion in 3speak and many Dtuber's are posting there.

Have an awesome weekend and a great adventure, and stay awesome.

12.10.2019 17:01