BIKE | sharing in Barcelona. What's the sign for bike-sharing in your city? Have ...

... a wonderful Sunday


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Haha im in Denmark and was just looking for a cheap bike to buy to use here and then I see this post 😝 Was thinking for a second that I was getting influence by algoythums haha!

It reminded me, did you ever here of

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06.01.2020 17:59

😂😂the blockchain in your head🤣 never heard of but i guess it's private bike sharing?✌🏻

06.01.2020 18:08

I met the organiser years ago in berlin at the Kopi bike workshop, and a few days back I saw the sticker on my guitar and it reminded me. I never actually checked it out haha

06.01.2020 23:51

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06.01.2020 18:02

I actually don't know if we have that in London. But I bet there are apps for it.

06.01.2020 18:16

for sure London has a bike sharing system, I know you guys prefer to be different then europe but that different not🤣find the sign and post it here🙌🏼

06.01.2020 19:11

There used to be several companies in San Diego. And scooters too. Most seem to be gone since people just left them all over and they became a problem...

06.01.2020 18:18

yes, same issue here with the e-scooters, but these bikes have dedicaded pick-up spots, so it's way more organized, thanks for stopping by and letting us know about san diego🙌🏼have a wonderful day, greetings from barcelona

08.01.2020 08:06

We are getting more and more bike sharing lanes being put in and I think its awesome! The bigger problem is getting the car drivers used to them and learning to share the road with everyone.

06.01.2020 18:43

yes, i can imagine, its easier to not use the car in a city like barcelona, have a great day karen🙏🏼

08.01.2020 08:07

@hauptmann, I rarely see this Sign in our Region. Hope that you are doing cycling. 🙂

Enjoy your time ahead brother and stay blessed.

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06.01.2020 18:46

bike sharing is getting more commercialize also everywhere around the world ...double benefits too great health and environment hope everyone starting to use it 😀

07.01.2020 08:59

I hope some day this can be applied in Panama.

07.01.2020 11:48

wonderful exploring Sunday you had this looks fantastic definitely something to try when visiting Barcelona : )

07.01.2020 12:06