Work for those Who work everyday for you [ New Contest With prize pool of 10 SBD ]

Introduction :

As an oldest member of Steemit i would like to announce New contest with collaboration with our country representative @rashid001 Who has arranged a contest Of best Contest organizer I hope you will surely like this contest.

Also with the supportive seniors like @steemitblog @crypto.piotr @juanmolina @steemcurator01
I am able to arrange the contest

guys though i am posting inside Steem Pakistan but this contest is open for everyone, Anyone can participate in it.

I always love to support my family so i am going to make a family supporting contest .

Contest name : work for those who work tirelessly for US

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Why i have chosen this for contest ?

Okay so by understanding the Covid-19 situations we all got to know being at home that our families especially females ( Mom,Wife,daughter,sister) are working harder tirelessly , we would be in office working for 10-12 hours but the are working more than us so its time to show some humanity lets make contest people supporting their family

What you all can do in this contest

you can help your family by doing any of these work you can do anything else too all i need to see people supporting families


  • Add your work In your Daily Diary post so i can see you take this as your daily work. ( i know its impossible for males hahaha)
  • Upvote and Reesteem this post
  • comment your post below ( Earlier Bird gets worm )

Will distribute this 10 SBD to earliest one i will increase the prize pool 😜 to 25 SBD so Now spread this contest.

prize will be distributed as per this Rule

earliest 5 would get 1 sbd each and after that it would be 0.5 per each participant

if you guys having any query regarding this contest Comment below i will surely admire your suggestion also if anyone want to contribute in this Contest's prize pool Kindly comment below

yours hassanabid

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@hassanabid , i appreciate .awsome thinking, good idea .💓. lets see what happens . Wish you Best Luck

09.09.2020 19:26

Thankyou so much let's see how much we get response

09.09.2020 23:07

Haha wow you are so quick in this :p
Well done :)

09.09.2020 20:05

hahahaha thanks indeed i am :) quicker

09.09.2020 23:08

But i had other plans so i did not make it yesterday :p

10.09.2020 07:36

@hassanabid, after reading your contest i put myself under some experiments and tried to help my mother.

I didn't let her cook today as i prepared macroni in the evening and koila karahi at the night :p
Here are the promising photos to ensure my entry in your contest :)




Hope your contest grows wider and wider :)
Best of Luck My friend :)

10.09.2020 19:39

Wow excellent work

11.09.2020 17:50

prize send @haidermehdi


12.09.2020 02:15

Blessed :p Tysm :)

12.09.2020 04:33

Inshallah I will try, resteemed.

09.09.2020 21:18

inshaAllah ❤️

09.09.2020 23:08

lol stand here i am coming..😂😂

10.09.2020 08:14

This will be an interesting contest..
I will try to take part in this contest❤

10.09.2020 08:57

Sure :)

10.09.2020 19:30

bro here is the first bird that you were talking about..

10.09.2020 15:20

Good work I have noted your entry in my contest Keep supporting your family. Remember good deeds dont require Rewards everytime ❤️ But as i promised i am going to send you 1 sbd Keep it up

Here is a proof


10.09.2020 19:30

I am also participate in this contest. Thanks brother to this type of best contest.

11.09.2020 15:30

Great Noted your participation will send you the prize tomorrow :)

11.09.2020 17:52

Prize send :)


12.09.2020 02:15

Hello... am I too late? No matter. ☺️ I also want to take place in this nice contest. I am home now so I can help my mother and join this contest. Will come with something tomorrow.☺️

11.09.2020 17:16

No you are Always welcome :)

11.09.2020 17:51

You have been upvoted by @rashid001 A Country Representative from Pakistan we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and come join our #thediarygame Season 2 you can get steem for commenting too with our #onepercent
Steem on!

11.09.2020 18:16

thanku so much for participation here is prize


onepercent #pakistan

12.09.2020 02:25

Thank you.

12.09.2020 04:56

Thanku so much for participating here is the prize


12.09.2020 02:28