The Diary Game - Season 3 - Monday Final exam Started MIS ( 5-10-20 )

hello guys i hope you all are doing great on steemit.

Day today

the whole night I was busy on steemit are really did not wanted to study at the night so to get fresh I was using steemit it was Monday and the final exam of management information system it was theoretical so it was kind of rough subject to study whole night at 5:00 a.m. I went to pray fajr prayers after that I went outside to have some walk, it was Sunny and hot weather outside so couldn't walk more than half an hour I came back and had shower after that. when I came out from the washroom I saw the breakfast was made for me so I eat it and went to have some sleep because the paper was scheduled at 2:00 p.m. and there was a lot of time remaining at 11:00 a.m. I woke up to go through the subject so I could at least manage to pass it.

it was getting out of my head due to covid, we weren't be able to study online the whole semester also I have a question is there anyone having chegg account here on steemit. ??

we joined the conference call so we could discuss with the friends about the subject paper popped up exactly at 2:00 p.m. and we started solving it it was kind of difficult paper for me as it was experience based and wasn't even available on the chegg so I tried to join leg with head and tried to make it possible for me to pass the subject.


after 3 hours of torture I had done the paper and after that I was so much tired so that i went to my room to get sleep and with 3 hours of sleep I woke up at 8:00 p.m. I was very hungry because I didn't eat anything in the evening before the sleep so I called my friend we both went to Biryani shop where we ate yummy biryani.

after that we got to know that there is a restaurant which got popular due to the taste so we went there to check it out and to make review on it.

We went to have dinner at Al - Huda Sheraton hotel where we ate Kachori paye.

Plus code : XX6J+CR

The pay and Kachori was awesome it looks a little weird but believe me the taste was very awesome.

It cost us just 1$ for 5 kachori and the paye .

I came back home at 12 AM and after drinking tea went to the rooftop for gathering of friends where we enjoyed discussing our whole day with each other. I came back at home at 2 AM and got sleep.

So this was how my day went.

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Yours Hassanabid :)

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Kachori paye is even new to me :p
Also these exams are not giving me free time to make posts like you are making, but i am keeping notes and as soon as i get some time, i will publish them :)
Best of luck for today too :p
Yours, haidermehdi :)

twopercent #pakistan

06.10.2020 08:29

wow Kachori paye,looks delicious in the pic. I have visited once in this hotel but did not taste it hopefully will go again and taste this.
have a nice week ahead:)

07.10.2020 04:00

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10.10.2020 13:11