THE DIARY GAME : 10-sep-2020 : Purchase Of Gaming PC & White Clothes today ( 100% Powerup )


Today my morning got more beautiful when i feel fresh air while on the rooftop i saw a whole gatherings of birds 🐦 were flying here and there And singing .

After everyday when i wake up after praying i always Thanks to GOD for making us Alive because i want to support my family and for it i could kill all my dreams.

So when i was walking in the park i saw these idk whether i have posted this picture before or not But have taken this again because i love this color


So after waking up and walk the first think i thought was about the contest so i checked it out . As its my first contest arranged maybe I cannot promote it that way as it should be but gradually people learn out things .


The evening went very tired as i drove my car to Saddar computer shop where we purchased Desktop PC for my friend.
I have spent about 3-4 hours there because graphic card and other materials were in the warehouse and It took alot of time for the shop keeper to get it there from his warehouse.


See its colour changing with remote


After some bargaining atlast we had made the deal with him , The distance from my Appartments to saddar Regal market is about 13 KM but due to alot of traffic it took us about 1 hour to reach the destination.

Then after coming back I went to a restaurant where we have eaten biryani from The most popular Restaurant in Karachi named as Darbar Biryani it cost me about 1$ and about 0.2$ for Cold drink❤️


Recently i have announced a contest i dont know whether you guys have watched it or not so here is Link

images (45) (1).jpeg

The prize pool is 10 Sbd so dont hesitate to try it. Further details are mentioned there :)

All pictures are my own Property And taken With Huawei Mate 10 lite so do let me know if you want to use it or download it i won't disallow to use it if you like it :)

And thats how my day went ❤️.


🌹Thanks🌹 The Steemit Team @steemitblog , and @steemcurator01 for holding the grand contest

Regards @hassanabid
Team: @tuseefandteam

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Comments 5

The gaming pc looks damn cool😍 I wish to have one like that❤😍
Also the biryani🤤🤤🤤
Today was a better day for you❤😍

10.09.2020 20:45

The PC looks very expensive. Traffic of Karachi is well known, I know traveling of 5 KM is also difficult in some places of Karachi. The expensive PC, I can't just think about to purchase that. Biryani is looking very tasty.

onepercent #pakistan

11.09.2020 04:01

lovely sprit keep it up i think not anyone can kill their dreams for relation..

Onepercent #pakistan

11.09.2020 06:38

@hassanabid , wish you good luck for the competition .your contest post looks great and awsome idea ...
Gaming Pc looking sooper dooper .. can you tell us about its configurations and prize ..??
Waiting for the invition of biryani from your side 😋😋😋😋

Thanks for paricipating in the diary game ..

onepercent #pakistan

11.09.2020 08:23

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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The Steemit Team

17.09.2020 20:17