Spud4steem - Steem powerup Day - October ( 100% Powerup )

there was a hype created which made me curious as i didn't really knew what Spud Meant and why are people posting about it ,

I was searching here and there and certainly got to the post of @cryptokannon Link

Where she explained that its organized by the Country Representative of New Zealand @kiwiscanfly

After watching the number of sponsers and seniors i felt so Interested that i tried my best.

In case of Powering up Many steemitians would know i have spent my whole daily diary Last month on 100% powerup and thats the reason i have about 1K + Steem ( though it's very small amount ) but for me its big enough.

So to participate in it i have exchanged some SBD to steem in order to power Up.



So what i would do with prize if i won ?
Obviously will powerup More with that so i can grow my account faster :)

Btw i am in love this Chicken hahaha 🐔


Those who want to know further about the event Visit it Now

Link to The event

with love to the steemit team and all sponsers and seniors


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Good to see you powering up Steem power, before you know it you will have 1500sp.

I worked out a % increase for you of 1.6%

That Chicken Costume is the first costume i brought, i like him as well :)

Keep steeming and watch your account grow :)

01.10.2020 04:45

Aahan great calculator lol :p

01.10.2020 04:50

#spud4steem - 1st October 2020

Congratulations.!! Your Blog is going through to the Cash Prize Draw.

Thank you for supporting the #spud4steem promotional event organised by @kiwiscanfly.

Your Blog will be entered in to win one of the 3 following Cash Prizes.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Cash Prizes.!!

To help support @kiwiscanfly with the #spud4steem promotional event I will giving the 25 SBD Cash Prize to 3 lucky winners as follows....

1st Prize = 15 SBD

2nd Prize = 7 SBD

3rd Prize = 3 SBD

Prizes will be awarded to those that have been creative in their promotion and support for @kiwiscanfly and the #spud4steem event.

The Winners of the Cash Prizes will be announced soon after the 1st October.

Good luck.


01.10.2020 08:25