Hashkings Upgrade

image credits: royalqueenseeds.com

We are currently working on a very exciting update which will include sex of the plant (male, female), pollen for males and seeds for females. This is the first step in breeding on Hashkings. After this upgrade you will be able to start saving up your pollen in order to make hybrids when our breeding update happens.

Males and Females

At the moment, when you purchase seeds from our seedbank they come feminized with a finite amount of traits that produce more female seeds.

In this update we are making it possible to produce male seeds. The male seeds grow in to mature plants that create pollen which is used to breed with female plants.

Once your female seed reaches flowering and starts to produce colas you will have the option of spreading pollen on the colas. When you do this, the colas and the pollen will combine the traits and produce a hybrid seed. These new seeds with new genetics have a 50% percent chance of being either male or female.

To summarize:

  • Grow males to collect pollen
  • Spread pollen on female plants during flower
  • Combine genetics
  • Harvest new seeds with 50/50 chance of being male or female.

We are excited to introduce this feature and look forward to seeing many different hybrids created by our users.

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Comments 14

This is a cool update!!!

29.12.2019 20:32

That’s a good way of doing it. I was wondering how the new traits and hybridization were going to happen.

29.12.2019 21:21

Thanks. This makes it more realistic

29.12.2019 22:26


29.12.2019 21:37

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30.12.2019 01:50

Very cool update.

30.12.2019 01:57


30.12.2019 01:57

Awesome update! This will really make things interesting with breeding for traits and sex, well done, let the games begin!

30.12.2019 16:44

Is it this account I have to delegate too in order to get started? :D

30.12.2019 18:24

That is correct however you can do it from inside of the webapp at https://www.hashkings.app. We are doing maintenance at the moment though so if you could wait a few hours that would be ideal.

30.12.2019 20:26

Ohh cool.
Ye np, I wasn't home when I wrote to you, but I will check in a moment

30.12.2019 22:20

We are still replaying the sidechain. I'll let you know as soon as its done :)

30.12.2019 22:21

Dont worry about. I will check on and off :D

30.12.2019 22:23

Ok great! Thanks!

30.12.2019 22:23