Hashkings 420th Plot


Hello current and future farmers,

It occurred to me that we are at 417 Active Farms. This means we are only 3 plots away from the 420th and since 420 is a monumental number for us stoners I want to give back to the community.

The person who leases the 420th plot will receive One Free Seed and 100 KFQ.

Good luck!

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We love community and the Canna-Curate Server has the most knowledgeable growers and smokers on the Blockchain. Stop by and stay a while, spark up a bowl and chat with some of the members.

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If you would like to delegate to our curation trail please visit [SteemBotTracker](https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html
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Read what Hashkings farmers have to say here and please don't hesitate to reach out in the comments below!

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