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The Diary Game| 31 May 2021| Assignments

Hello steemit users hope you are all doing great in your life. This is me Hashir Alam and welcome to my diary game.

Today I woke up late at 3.45pm. Offered Zuhar Prayers and then took a bath after that I ate food and while eating food I started using my mobile

Then I offered Zuhar Prayers. After I there was an assignment which due was today. So I messaged my friend to give me assignment but non of them had done it. One of my friend had some Pdfs. So I said my friend to Finalize the assignment and creat word document of it.

After that my friend was having difficulties in doing assignment he said to do half of the work as Assignment was really big. I asked him to just copy paste. Then he said me that these are pictures and cannot be copy paste so I downloaded a tool which can extract words from image and give him all the text. Then my friend finally gave a me a final file of the assignment. Then I turned in my assignment.

After that I played Pubg with my friend. It was showing me some error but I found a solution on yt. Then played the game

Finally I watched series Osman

That's all for today. Hope you guys liked my story. Remember me in your prayers. See you again in the next diary game Inshallah.

Want to know more about me here's the link of my Introduction post

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